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#306633 - The atmosphere calmed slightly and we all chatted, l noticed Sasha staring at my sister’s massive tits and then fidget. My sister said she had a job for me in the garage and smiled, once we were in the garage Tina was unbuttoning my jeans and lowering my boxers my sister held my shaft firmly in her hand to slowly start wanking me she was so good at wanking me, Tina got to her knees and swallowed my shaft she was taking me right down her throat, her warm throat muscles gripped the head of my cock l held the back of her head. He put Sasha to her knees to suck his cock, but the head wouldn’t fit into her mouth so she did the best she could using both hands to roll Martin’s foreskin up and down his shaft, by the moans and groans he was making Martin wasn’t going to last much longer he got Sasha over the desk she spread her bum cheeks and he eased his thick hard donkey cock slowly inside Sasha’s eager pussy hole and as the last few inches sunk deep inside her she gave a yelp, Martin held

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