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#300560 - 00-Single Women Free!!! Wow, Gail said, not cheap, I'll split it with you, I didn't realize it was this much!!! Forget it, he replied, let's go inside!!! There was a portable bar set up with three bartenders, so Gail grabbed a couple of beers and said, My treat!!! Jeff laughed at her little joke, took his beer, and led Gail towards the crowd of people at the other end of the huge warehouse room!!! On a slightly elevated stage were three women, all naked, and in the process of making love to each other!!! Jeff looked around in the semi darkness, and was surprised to see that almost half of the spectators were women, he had really expected it to be practically all men!!! Gail poked him in the ribs and offered, They really don't have their hearts in it, I hope this isn't the main event!!! Uh, no, Jeff answered, the main event as you call it, goes on in about half and hour!!! For the next twenty minutes or so, the two of them watched the girls o

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The tat ruins it for me